Urban Outfitters Spring 2017 Home Decor to Hack | Brit + Co


If you’ve been checking out all the latest spring home collections, you’ve likely seen and lusted after Urban Outfitters’ killer apartment decor. From the hanging planters to woven wall weavings to tasseled throw pillows, these beauties are full of inspo for your indoor spring reno. But before you drop next month’s rent, know that you can hack several pieces from the new collection with a little creativity and a bit of DIY dedication. With the 10 projects below, you’ll get that unmistakeable UO style with plenty of leftover cash.

Mid-century lines, minimalist designs, and modern textiles work oh-so-well for this LA-based husband-wife design team. Look to them this spring for your bungalow decor or bedroom refresh. Or just pick up their No. 5 Series Couch to embrace that millennial pink decor trend.